Homologated Music

The highest quality original compositions and productions for any project

High Fidelity Sound Production

We’ve spent the last decade assembling the finest vintage audio production equipment, and exploring the art of modern digital sound recording to offer the most versatile and sonically pleasing pieces available.

We offer an incredibly unique oppurtunity for content providers to add depth and emotion to any of their projects with our evocotive compostions. Our specialty is composing pieces that inspire feeling, and feelings are important. Attachment to experience, memory and emotion are all intertwined and music has a distinct ability the recall all three at once. The most memorable video games, movies, and television shows are all accomponied by evocotive compostions imprinted on our minds forever.

We’re excited to to provide the perfect piece for you, whether it be a rock ballad, synth chip tune, fake commercial or anything in between. Homologated Music provides only the highest quality compositions for any need.